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"KYEONGIN CO.,LTD" launched in 2001 "KYEONG Engineering" and Has been fast growing as 2009. "KYEONGIN CO.,LTD" has been running a business based on it's high quality manufature, prompt and precise delivery, minimal margin pirce to fulfill consumer satisfaction. Kyeong promise to further it's service via numeric management, leadership, HR development, and costomer satisfaction.






We are specialized in food supply to hotels, caterers, supermarket ship chandlers and wholesalers. Provision products and, goods include frozen beef, pork, poultry, cold cuts frozen, seafood, dairy products, cheese, fresh vegetable & fruits, canned fruits & vegetables, fruit juice, jam, jellies, meat, fish, soft drinks, dry groceries, spices, etc,.

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Central Maritime


Chiba Marine Korea Co.,Ltd. was established 20 years ago as a repairing company in Korea.


CM Korea is the leading provider of advanced equipment, systems and services to the fish processing industries. Our advanced craftsmanship enables fish processors to optimize yield, throughput and product quality. We manufacture on-board and in-house systems and equipment including Fish Processing Machine, Fish Meal Plant, Gutting and Deheading Machine, Skinning Machine, Slicer, Trimming System, Grading and Batching System, Pinbone Remover, Portion Cutter, Crab Processing Equipment and Ice doser. This takes place within a fixed time schedule, with the highest quality standards and according to budget.

Dae Seon Underwater Development


Our company is a ship repair company with long experience and skills, and we work faithfully based on trust and trust.

Daelim Engineering CO.,LTD.



Dong Myung Iron Works Co., Ltd., is such a company to be able to produce and supply the best-quality product at any time its customer wants at low cost with long production experience, accumulated high technology, high precision system and thorough quality control by operating QA(quality assurance) system since the company's establishment in 1968 specialized in ship repair and shipbuilding equipment production.


Since its establishment in 1990, Dongwon Tech has been specialized in designing, producing and manufacturing wind direction and velocity anemometers. In addition, we specialize in manufacturing and delivering marine electrical equipment such as engine, telescopic, engine stepladder, engine speed meter, etc. All our know-how in the future will provide a new way based on service and customer service. I will pioneer and expand.


As a company specialized in providing maritime services for 37 years, eastern marine service co,. Ltd. Is located in namhang-dong, yeongdo-gu free zone international supply distribution center. We have strived to fulfill our goal of custermer-centered management on the foundations of honesty and earnestness.

Geoyong Ship CO.,LTD.

Since its establishment in 2001, we have always been open 24 hours a day and promise our best efforts to provide rapid and complete service to the construction of steel structures and repair and salvage operations related to ships and various marine equipment under any conditions.


H.I.M., Inc. specializes in engine service and repair, including parts and repairs, as well as high-speed ferry engine sales. We are committed to providing the best service to our customers by combining our long-standing engine technology and maintenance know-how, and we continue to pursue our policy of "customer happiness and satisfaction" by providing regular engine training to engineers.

High C-tech, co.,ltd

High C-tech installs and repairs equipment for fish processing rooms installed on large factory trawlers. Fish processing factory trawlers are ships that include processing of the fishes. The main work of the ship is to clean and process the fish and shellfish that have been caught out at sea. Processing fish at sea and aboard ships is a standard part of the commercial fishing industy. Therefore, high c-tech co., ltd makes sure such important equipments work without any slightest technical failures.


Hyundai General Trading Co., Ltd. provides optimal information and ship building services to meet the needs of local shipowners through a wide-ranging ship business network around the world.


HYUNG JE has a lot of experience with Marine diesel engine from 1981. Also, we are the exclusive sales agent of HEARTMAN in domestic market. – It means we can supply the fuel injection parts with good price.


ILSEONG ENG CO., LTD. Was founded on 1st October 2010, with the objective to establish itself as a reliable business partner to all its valued customers. Our Major works is ship's repair (Engine, Machinery, Piping, Steel structure, Hydraulic plant, Electric) and Product's (Engine parts, Hydraulic plant, Electric Automation and Ship lift docking plant)


Jeil syc co., ltd is a company that deals with repairs when delivered to the dock. Restoration of a damaged hull is necessary, as anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation work can only be carried out at docking stations. In addition, the repair of various tanks and internal pipes connected to the hull cannot be carried out at sea, therefore this is only possible in docking state. The reason why jeil syc co., ltd receives many requests for repair from shipping comnanies is that we work taking into consideration not only the repair schedule, but also keep the best quality.


K.J. Engineering


With our firm belief that started off with only “We can do it!”

Marsen CO.,LTD.

Marsen that is specialized in development and production of ship’s measurement equipment and offshore plant, has been leading the growth of the global ship’s material industries by continuous development and innovation. I started this business with the know-how and experiences in the relevant filed in 2004.

MECys Marine Electronics

Marine Electronics Co. has been established on Y 1985, we have been focused the development of various marine navigation equipments area and have supplied the educational simulator to the navy, maritime police and the maritime education bodies.


SUNJIN ENTECH provides a comprehensive range of services from general repairs to modification projects. Backed by highly advanced engineering and a zero-tolerance quality inspection system, the company offers sophisticated repair services to satisfy the ship owners’ needs. We are characterized by short lead times, high quality work and, consequently, minimal vessel downtime. Also, our extensive network of suppliers is capable of delivering all equipment necessary for a quick repair of your ship.


POKO has achieved performances worthy of close attention in the shipbuilding and repair fields,and is establishing a sustainable management system with aggressive investment in the new business field based on 'People and Technology.' The synthesized solution of POKO that has been recognized by customers will lead us to success by maximizing the benefit and value of customers.


PUNG SENG Co., Ltd. was established in 1989 as a supply company that supplies ships/seals and donations. It has grown into a "TOTAL MARINE SERVICE" company that carries out port-related tasks by expanding its business area, and by providing diverse and reliable service to customers.


Established in 2004 and specialized in suppling of all kinds of ropes for marine use. Also have marine equipment developed by Saemah with own maker such as garbage compactor, wire rope lubricator, etc. Focus on on-time delivery service based on global stock point and network. Main customer is Japanese shipowner and also have various references for buyers in Asia, Europe, South America, etc.


SL Shipping Airlines CO.,LTD.

We are a forwarding company and we are in the forwarding business. It is a company that is working as a middle-class shipping company, such as shipping, aviation, etc.


SUNJIN JONGHAP offers accurate solutions to engine repairs and spares reconditioning for shipowners and power plant operators. Our craftsmanship minimizes asset downtime via diesel services and on-site machining. Supported by strong engineering capacity, SUNJIN JONGHAP helps the customers get quick and reliable repair.


SUNJIN SHIPBUILDING has over the past five decades of experience in ship repair. We repair vessels for all maritime operations for shipping, fishing, public transport, defence and dredging. We have five slip ways of capacity up to 90 meters length, 20 meters breadth and 3,000 tonnes. We provide the customers with precise technical support and parts supply at the competitive condition in aspect of price, delivery time and quality. Responding to customer needs for over 50 years, we have developed a range of services with a quality that is recognized as second to none




Our company is a Korean investment corporation of the 156-year-old Norwegian wilh.wilhelmsen group with a world wide network that provides products and services to 2,200 ports in 319 offices in 71 countries around the world.


Winners marine co., ltd. Who was established in 1990 as wholesaler of Korean made marine equipments & general stores for engine/deck/cabin dept and tied up branches in all of korea ports and japan ports. We can hereby promise you that we sincerely offer our clients a qualified, reliable and timely supports.

Woori Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.

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In 1970, Bu Sung Marine Tech. Company founded and grew its business with winch and windlass. And our company changed to limited company in January 2014. We have been constant effort to have best technology and quality competitive for customer satisfaction and trying to advance into the global market. We are going to leap forward into a world-class business through diversification based on our highest level of technology competitiveness and quality.


DONGILSHIP YARD CO.,LTD. has highly skilled manpower to complete all varieties of ship repair & conversion work. Our over 40 years of experience using modern technology has produced constantly high quality work and reduced delivery terms.



Jonghap Maritime Inc. as the best ship repair company expanding ours business to spare parts for sale, repair plant, steel & paint for sale, etc. based on technology and know-how. Also, we tried to be the company that a customer needs Jonghap Maritime Inc. through business convention of abroad shipping companies, hence, Jonghap Maritime Inc. has grown brand value in not only domestic but also overseas.


Jonghap Polestar Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereafter JHP) is providing high quality special welding service and recondition work for marine engine spare parts through continuous technical development.


Other than installation and repair of special telecommunication businesses, information and communication construction businesses, satellite communication equipment sales, etc.


Marine Radio Co. Ltd. (MRC) was established by Eui Joong Hwang (1927-2016) in 1961 in Busan, Korea. MRC manufactures internal communication and broadcasting equipment for marine applications, such as public address systems, auto telephone systems, talk-back systems, marine clock systems, and communal aerial systems for several kinds of vessels. MRC occupies around 70% of the Korean shipbuilding market, and exports internal communication systems to Japan, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, India, and countries in the Middle East. MRC is the long-established company in the market of the internal communication systems for vessels in Korea, and it has successfully become one of the world’s leading companies in this field.

MarineCom CO.,LTD.

Established in 2009, it is a small and medium-sized enterprise that operates wholesale telecommunication equipment and components.


MESCO Ltd. Has been grown sustainably with it's best products & Marine Service since its establishment in 1989. We supply high quality equipment of vessel navigation & communication through partnership with foreign companies skilled in service & manufacturing vessel equipment. And we have achieved the 1st market share in korean domestic market of equipment for satellite communication & earth station.


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MAE IL MARINE (MAE IL MARINE SERVICE CO.,LTD), have the pleasure to introduce ourselves to the worldwide customers.

부산항 선용품 공동 브랜드WeBUSAN 우수 인증 기업

고객의 다양한 욕구를 만족시키고, 시대의 흐름에 따라 창조력과
기술력을 겸비한 최고의 전문인력을 바탕으로 국내/외
설계문화를 선도하는 질 높은 서비스만을 추구합니다.


부산테크노파크, 해운항만산업 육성 WeBUSAN 포럼 개최

(재)부산테크노파크는 23일 오후 3시 해양물류산업센터에서 부산지역 해운항만산업 육성을 위한 위부산(WeBUSAN) 포럼을 개최한다.이번 포럼에서는 2020년 부산시 해운항만산업 우수기업 인증 현황 및 향후 계획과 스마트 해운항만 플랫폼 출범에 대한 발표와 우수기업인증서 수여식이 열린다.해운항만산업 우수기업 인증 및 지원사업(WeBUSAN 인증지원)은 부산광역시와 부산항만공사의 지원을 받아 부산테크노파크, 한국선급에서 공동으로 수행하는 사업으로 2019년 출범한 이래 올해로 2년째를 맞는 지역 내 항만연관 산업의 역량을 강화하는 대표적 정책사업이다.인증을 받은 우수기업에게는 인증브랜드(WeBUSAN)를 기업활동에 사용할 수 있는 권한을 부여하고 ISO 국제표준 인증 획득, 국제 전시회 참가, 마케팅 활동 등을 지원하며, 부산시 우수기업 추천과 같은 다양한 인센티브도 주어진다.인증은 선용품 공급업과 선박수리업을 대상으로 1~4 스타(Star)의 4등급으로 구분되는데 올해 12월 현재 1Star 6개사, 2Star 36개사, 3Star 10개사, 4Star 1개사 이다.특히 올해는 시범사업 1년을 포함하여 WeBUSAN 인증제를 시행한지 3년만에 최초로 4Star기업이 탄생했다. 최초 4Star기업은 (주)매일마린이다. 3Star이상 인증을 받기 위해서는 국제표준과 선진경영전략에 관한 일정한 전문교육을 수료해야 하고 한국선급에서 실시하는 현장평가 기준을 통과하여야 한다.그 외에도 18년 WeBUSAN 인증을 수여한 기업 22개사를 대상으로 19년 매출액을 조사한 결과 전체적으로 매출이 약 23.1% 증가한 것으로 나타났다. 이는 최근 어려운 여건 속에서도 인증 우수기업들은 성장세를 보인 것으로 관련업계의 주목을 받고 있다.WeBUSAN 인증은 현재 선박수리선용품 공급업 대상에서 2021년 선박관리업을 포함할 계획이며, 향후 해운항만산업 전체로 확대하여 국내 해운항만산업 대표 인증제도로 육성할 계획이다.금번 세미나는 코로나19 확산으로 유튜브 생중계 방식으로 진행하며 시청 가능하다.이상윤 기자 nurumi@busan.com[출처: 부산일보] http://www.busan.com/view/busan/view.php?code=2020122214375983748]

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해양물류산업센터, 이웃돕기 성품 전달

부산테크노파크 스마트해양기술단 해양물류산업센터(센터장 이재원)는 2020년 7월 3일 영도구청을 방문해 백미10kg 53포를 전달하였으며, 이는 관내 지역아동센터 10개소에 전달하였다.동삼혁신지구에 소재한 부산테크노파크 스마트해양기술단 해양물류산업센터는 이번 후원을 시작으로 사회공헌활동을 꾸준히 이어나가고 싶다는 의사를 밝혔다.출처 : 영도구청 보도자료http://www.yeongdo.go.kr/00000/00007/00011.web?gcode=1027]

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부산시·항만공사, 해운항만 우수기업 인증·육성

부산시는 부산항만공사(BPA)와 함께 지역 항만연관업계 지원을 목표로 해운항만산업 우수기업 인증제(WeBUSAN) 지원사업을 본격적으로 추진한다고 6일 밝혔다.우수기업 인증제는 부산 소재 해운항만산업 기업 중 시가 정한 인증기준에 적합한 기업을 4단계 등급별로 구분해 인증하고 지원하는 제도다.올해 인증대상은 선용품 공급업체와 선박수리업체다.]

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부산테크노파크, 해운·항만·물류 기업 재취업 인력 인건비 지원 - 1개사 최대 2인 채용지원, 채용인력 1인당 최대 월 200만원 인건비 지원

부산테크노파크는 해운항만물류 기업의 일자리창출 및 경쟁력강화를 위해 해운항만물류 기업 재취업 지원사업을 추진한다고 밝혔다.해운항만물류산업 재취업 지원사업은 해운항만물류분야의 고용 안정화와 열악한 근무환경 개선을 위해 해양수산부에서 처음 시행하는 인건비 지원사업이다.지원 대상은 부산시 및 창원시 소재의 해운항만물류산업 및 선박수리업종의 기업으로 해양수산부와 협약일인 2020년 3월 23일 이후 채용한 인력이 해당된다.해당분야 1년 이상의 경력자를 채용시 채용인력 1인당 최대 월 200만원의 인건비와 채용인력 1인당 최대 년 500만원의 사업화지원비를 지원하고 1개 기업당 최대 2인까지 지원한다. 인건비는 5월부터 12월까지 8개월간 1인당 최대 1,600만원을 지원하며, 인건비의 20% 이상은 기업이 부담해야한다.사업 신청은 3월 30일부터 4월 13일 오후 6시까지 (재)부산테크노파크 해양물류산업센터로 e메일 또는 우편접수로 진행하면 된다. 상세한 사항은 부산테크노파크 홈페이지 확인하면 된다.본 사업은 퇴직자들의 인생 이모작 설계 및 재취업 지원을 위하여 추진되며, 부산시 연제구 연산동에 거점기관을 운영할 계획이다. 거점기관에서는 재취업 지원 및 구인구직 매칭을 위한 지원 플랫폼 역할을 수행한다.해양물류산업센터 이재원 센터장은 본 사업 추진을 계기로 근로자에게는 고용 안정화를 제공하고 기업에게는 인건비 부담 완화와 사업화지원을 통한 성장 기회가 될 수 있길 바라며 인력 지원의 우수사업 모델로써 전국적으로 확산되길 기대한다.고 밝혔다.정순형 선임기자 junsh@busan.com[출처: 부산일보] http://www.busan.com/view/busan/view.php?code=2020033109370454178]

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한국선급, 평형수 없는 컨테이너선 공동개발 현대미포조선·고려해운과 1800TEU급 선박 개발 MOU

한국선급(KR)은 현대미포조선 고려해운과 최소평형수 개념을 적용한 1800TEU급 컨테이너선 공동연구(JDP) 협약을 20일 서울 계동 현대미포조선 서울사무소에서 체결했다고 밝혔다.현대미포조선은 공동연구를 통해 평형수를 최소로 싣거나 아예 싣지 않는(Ballast Free) 컨테이너선의 기본설계를 진행한다. 이 회사는 앞서 독일의 버나드슐테(Bernhard Schulte)에서 수주한 7500㎥ LNG연료공급선에 세계 최초로 무평형수 개념을 도입해 관심을 모았다.한국선급은 고체와 액체 영구 밸러스트(Permanent ballast)의 안정성과 적합성 타당성을 법령과 국제기준에 맞춰 검증한 뒤 올해 4분기께 컨테이너선 설계가 완성되면 기본 선급인증서(AIP)를 부여할 계획이다.또 고려해운과 기존 컨테이너선과 최소평형수 또는 무평형수 컨테이너선의 화물적재 능력, 운항효율성 등을 비교 분석해 경제적이고 친환경 컨테이너선을 개발한다는 구상이다.공동연구를 통해 LNG연료 공급선 이외에 컨테이너선에도 최소평형수와 무평형수 개념을 적용해 생태계 교란의 주원인으로 거론되고 있는 평형수 배출을 최소화하거나 원천적으로 차단하는 기술을 확보한다는 목표다.특히 국내 조선소와 선사 한국선급이 참여하는 공동 프로젝트인 만큼 선사가 운항하는 노선과 운항속도 항구에 최적화해 개발을 진행할 예정으로, 국내 해사업계 모범협력 사례가 될 것으로 기대를 모은다.이날 행사엔 현대미포조선 남영준 전무, 고려해운 정현용 전무, 한국선급 김연태 기술본부장(윗사진 왼쪽 5번째부터) 등이 참석했다.현대미포 남영준 전무는 현대미포조선은 밸러스트프리 방식의 친환경 선박을 성공적으로 건조한 경험이 있다며 공동연구로 피더급 컨테이너선에도 평형수 배출을 최소화 또는 원천 차단하는 기술을 확보해 친환경 선박 분야에서 강자 입지를 굳히겠다고 소감을 밝혔다.한국선급 김연태 본부장은 이번 공동연구 프로젝트를 통해 효율적이고 친환경적인 컨테이너선이 개발될 수 있도록 현대미포조선 고려해운과 협력하고 기술지원을 하겠다고 말했다. 이경희 기자 khlee@ksg.co.kr ]

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